Two magpies, a squirrel, and a leg of lamb

I got my shopping delivered today but they’d sold out of legs of lamb and that’s what I was planning to cook for a family dinner.

I had to go to a different supermarket to get a leg of lamb. I haven’t cooked a leg of lamb in ages, I also haven’t cooked for my family for a long while, so they’re looking forward to dinner. They want lamb and so do I.

One on the chimney and the other one on the roof

One on the chimney and the other one on the roof

I was walking to the bus stop when I spotted a magpie flying across the road towards the houses, it then settled itself on a chimney. I thought to myself “Oh no!” and was dreading the sorrow that was to follow. Seconds later, I saw another magpie fly across the road towards the houses and this one settled itself on a roof not too far from the first magpie. I felt relieved after seeing the second one. I thought to myself I couldn’t deal with anymore sorrow in my life right now. I stopped to take a couple of photos.

As I’d just seen two magpies it led me to think about what kinds of joy that was in store for me as I continued on towards the bus stop.



I turned into the pathway that leads through the church cemetery and met a squirrel that was perched on a railing. I was pleasantly surprised to see it there, though, squirrels are not uncommon around these parts. Some days there’d be drunkards with cans of beer in hand all congregated around the benches, but not today. I stopped to take photos of the squirrel, but made sure I didn’t get too close in case I frightened it off. It was facing towards the right, watching something, perhaps?  It took no notice of me as I was snapping away. Though, at one point it did turn to face me and stared intensely for a second or two before turning away again to look at whatever it was it was looking at. “Who are you?” I imagined it saying in a haughty tone as it stared at me. I must say, I felt slightly unnerved when it looked at me the way it did, but I carried on taking photos anyway in hopes of getting some half decent shots of it. When the squirrel decided enough was enough it hurried off and went on its way, and then I went on my way. I didn’t have time to look and see in which direction it went, I put my phone away and walked on.

It was quite late in the day and I was worried that the supermarket I was heading to had sold out of lamb, too. I know my usual supermarket always sells out of lamb early in the day.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long for a bus to arrive. And when I finally got to the supermarket they still had legs of lamb for sale.  Maybe, this was the joy I had to look forward to? I don’t know for sure, but I do like to count the small blessings.